- About us -

Le Village Suisse is pleased to introduce our new management couple, Marie & Amaël. We’re excited to assume leadership of this iconic restaurant, renowned as one of the finest establishments in Le Touquet Paris Plage.

Amael Cresson / Manager and Chef

& Marie Jacqmart / Restaurant Manager

We are a couple from the North of France, enriched by an Australian experience where Amaël had the privilege of being surrounded by particularly inspiring Italian chefs.

Even if our lifestyle was idyllic, and at times we like to close our eyes to imagine ourselves under the blue sky of Sydney’s bay, working to the sound of the ocean, it is here, closer to our family, between the sea and the forest of Le Touquet-Paris-Plage, that we want to share the cuisine we love so much: a cuisine rich in Italian flavors, all within a warm and cosy atmosphere.

For us, family is like the roots of a tree. It’s where we draw our strength, our support, and our growth.

We hope that our passion for cooking is reflected in every dish we prepare, and that our restaurant becomes a place where our guests can feel at home, within a cosy atmosphere.

Feel free to visit us and share with us this culinary journey filled with authenticity and generosity.